Pin it You’d think with a name like The Fresh Fridge, I would always be “thinking fresh” when it came to cooking up something for my family and friends. But, sometimes I admit that I even need a boost to think of what, how, and where I can get fresh with my meals. So, sometimes… [read more]


A delicious version of Irish Stout Stew with stew beef instead of corned beef (perfect for picky eaters!) and a delicious Irish Colcannon made with prosciutto and cabbage.

Fruit Tarts7smallerTITLE

How to make mixed berry tartelettes for your sweetheart or any occasion with lots of options for crusts and ways to make these for any season (fresh or frozen berries!).


A quick and yummy recipe for Homemade Honey-Butter Cornbread – great for chili or stew night!

Smoky Chili4smallerTITLE

A hearty, tomato-based chili with turkey, black beans, and a subtle spicy and smoky flavor.


One of my resolutions this year is to bring healthy and satisfying recipes to The Fresh Fridge. So, I am so excited to share this guest post with all of you from an expert on the subject! Gina from Soul.Body.Food. is a health coach who was awesome enough to go through some of the recipes right here on The Fresh Fridge and make her best recommendations for cooking healthy and ways to boost any recipe to make it even more nutritious.