(Re)New Year 2013

renew year 2013

[bra_dropcaps style=”dropcap1″]A[/bra_dropcaps] As part of my “fairly typical” bring in the New Year post, I wanted to share my goals for going forward this year. In 2012, we had a mostly unpredictable and unplanned year. I have come to appreciate the quirks and randomness that life tends to bring our way. So, as I sat down with my laptop in our big green living room chair, diet coke in hand, chewing on the remnants of Christmas moose munch and contemplating the next year I had just one idea in mind: I wanted to discover renewal.

[bra_blockquote align=””]I have come to appreciate the quirks and randomness that life tends to bring our way.[/bra_blockquote]

Renewal, new beginnings, a fresh start – all sort of generic and baseless terms that without some sort of context can be pretty meaningless. So, as I tried to envision what a renewal would mean, I got stuck on the term “renew” which immediately reminded me of some of the public literature I had grown to love in years passed and needed to renew in order to continue on with them. So, I suppose for me, the term renew will be more of a continuation of those items of the past that have enriched my life and a choice to renew some of the the old and neglected bits that were tossed aside. So, in no particular order, here is a list of (Re)New Year Goals:

  • 13 in 2013 – Last year I did not read a single new book from cover to cover. Somehow I developed a nasty habit of falling asleep after reading around 15 pages into a new novel and never seemed to finish any of them. So, this year I have 13 unread books (already picked out and ready to go) to read through in 12 months. They range from theology to science fiction and children’s books, some coincide with Lent and other periods to enrich my walk in faith as I “faithfully” try and read them all the way through.
  • The 12 Disciples – I have become fascinated with learning about the saints and the apostles in the last few years and have briefly set aside time to learn more about each of them. This year, I hope to do a study on the 12 closest to Christ, the Apostles. While I dive into their lives, I have devoted each month to one of them where I am hoping to publish an art piece to capture an aspect about their lives. In January, I will be starting with Peter, “The Rock” and continuing on in the order presented in Matthew 10:2-4.
  • The Year of Faith – The Pope declared this to be the year of faith (according to the RCC calendar it started already in 2012) and my goal is to enrich and deepen my own faith while also being a witness to others. I hope that I can live out the love and compassion in Christ in 2013 in ways that bless others and stir them to seek comfort and growth in faith.

I also hope to continue and begin a great number of things in the new year, but I have learned that the year tends to etch out and determine new goals for the situations that present themselves. So, I guess I am leaving myself open to what God wills in my life and following Him faithfully in whatever capacity He needs me for 2013!