True Love


[bra_dropcaps style=”dropcap1″]T[/bra_dropcaps] The theme of February for almost every retail store is love, love, love. Although, I have never much liked the over-commercialization of any holiday, I think Valentine’s Day is my least favorite. Mostly, because I wonder if anyone really believes that the chalky hearts, the cardboard valentine’s cards, or the cheap factory-made stuffed animals are really expressive of love at all. I mean, any other holiday, I almost understand the little “silly” extras. Even Christmas and Easter, although commercialized beyond belief, the merchandise still hints at something beyond just a sugary treat. But, I am hard-pressed to figure out how to find a way to really express true love within the context of the cheap way it is sold nowadays. Perhaps, the plastic-tasting chocolates are hints at the way we treat and understand love in our lives most of the time – as a cheap commodity.

[bra_blockquote align=””]But, the truth is, love is not a commodity and true love is not cheap.[/bra_blockquote]

But, the truth is, love is not a commodity and true love is not cheap. Rather, love is the essence of the life we were created for – to love and be loved – First and foremost, by our loving, creator God and then by expressing our love to each other.  Lucky for us, one aspect of love is free – freely given by God, but it is also costly – we need to make sacrifices to serve God faithfully and to serve each other. It’s the kind of love that forgives, that perseveres, that stays true even when everything else is in shatters – a love that never fails. I think every day, not just Valentine’s Day, is an important one to remind yourself that you are loved – always. God will always love you, no matter what. And beyond that, we need to love each other, even when it is hard to do so. So, this month, celebrate Valentine’s Day a little differently – pray an extra prayer of thanks, help someone in need, pay a visit to an old friend, or do a random act of kindness. I think love can be expressed truly, it is our words and actions that make a difference.