Gingerbread House Throwdown

As a new family tradition we have created an annual competition for decorating gingerbread houses! Check out the beautifully decorated and delectable creations & our very own (poorly crafted…sorry guys I’m not a poet) Tale of the the Gingerbread House Throwdown. :)

The Tale of the Gingerbread House Throwdown

‘Twas 2 nights after Christmas and we were ready to throw down joust, so candy was compiled to make each gingerbread house! The trimming was frosted and gummy wreaths went in and so the annual competition was about to begin.

The candy was spread out from here to there, from red licorice strings to green gummy bears…

Delicious pink shutters and a cute chocolate door made this a colorful & cute Town Candy Store!

The best chimney in town and delightful striped trees made sure the Candy Cane Lane Home was sure to please!

With colors sure to dazzle (have we seen this in Katamari?) the Ode to Joy house made our eyes go starry!

Stone siding made of brickle and a Lego candy fence made this Christmas House Competition start to look tense!

Beware of chocolate, this delicious house makes one O.D., too bad for the marshmallow man who didn’t get free!

The corner candy house is sure to please little girls and boys, for it is filled with lots of yummy candy toys!

So…After hours of frosting our best, our gingerbread houses were put to the test!

The judges came, rated and gave the ribbon…but with all the amazing decorations we know we all got the win!

So all through the house it was sure to be said, what beautiful houses were made that night of gingerbread.

The End.

3 Responses to “Gingerbread House Throwdown”

  1. Very witty–thanks for posting the pics!

  2. Michelle says:

    What an wonderful tradition for your family! This looks and sounds like such fun for everybody. Happy New Year!

  3. Brooke says:

    Where did you get the candy cane trees? Thanks