Raspberry Orange Sherbet Floats

Wow, I can’t believe we are already on day 4 of “Float Week”! Wahoo! Today’s float is my kid-friendly favorite – Raspberry Orange Sherbet Floats.

This float brings me back to the days of orange push popsicles. I was the kid who had creamy orange popsicle running down my arms at the beach, despite the protective layer of cardboard. So, when I discovered that same creamy goodness in a frosty mug, how could I resist?

These creamy sweet n’ sour treats are made with orange sherbet, 7 Up and raspberries! Super easy and super delicious. I call that a “win/win”.

These are on my list pretty much anytime for a quick, cool treat, but I absolutely love the idea of these in fun little cups with a crazy straw at a kid’s birthday party!



Raspberry Orange Sherbet Floats


  • 2 scoops orange sherbet (or 1 orange sherbet and 1 raspberry sherbet)
  • approx. 3/4 cup 7-Up
  • Garnish: fresh raspberries


  1. In a 16 oz. frosted mug, add 2 scoops sherbet and pour in 7-Up until mostly full. Garnish with fresh raspberries.
  2. Add a spoon and a fun straw. Serve immediately.

8 Responses to “Raspberry Orange Sherbet Floats”

  1. Urban Wife says:

    Orange sherbert?! Now that takes me back. Looks delish! :)

  2. Charissa says:

    I could use one of these right now…it’s SO hot here! What a delicious, fun way to cool down!

    I love your background and the photos are just AMaZiNg!!! Inspiring.

  3. I love orange sherbert and paired with raspberries, it sounds so refreshing and light. These posts are awesome Megan!

  4. Oh yum!! I’m sure my family will love these! I fondly remember Cremesicles (orange popsicles with vanilla ice cream inside) from when I was a child. I’m glad I just happened upon your blog! :)

    P.S. Beeeeautiful photos!!

  5. Eliana says:

    Looks so delicious and refreshing! Is it bad that I want one for breakfast right now?

  6. marla says:

    These floats look awesome! Love the sherbet :) Will be linking to this delish recipe tomorrow.

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