Wine Review: Château Bolchet Costières-de-Nîmes

Last weekend, I was reading through some of my favorite recipe books and decided to break into a new wine: Château Bolchet Costières-de-Nîmes. It is a red wine that is a combination of half Syrah and half Grenache. I have recently become a fan of Grenache, but have always been so-so about Syrah. This combination brings together both of what I like about these two wines. A spicy taste hits you when you first sip this wine and then mellows out into a berry tasting and mild finish. For the price, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Château Bolchet Costières-de-Nîmes

  • Producer: Château Bolchet
  • Composition: 50% Syrah, 50% Grenache
  • Country: France
  • Region: Southern Rhone
  • Alcohol: 14%
  • Release Date: 2007

The Fresh Fridge Tip: This wine would go well with lasagna, roast duck, or even a barbeque sandwich. :)

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