Wine Review: Black Box Riesling

Box wines. They have a bad reputation. One that leads some of us from the room, noses upturned, looking for any alternative. “Box wine?” “No thanks, I’d rather drink tap water.”  Well, that has all changed. Not only are boxed wines able to stay fresh longer, but they are also much more economical…and some good wine makers have caught on. So, if you are anything like me and enjoy great tasting wine at very inexpensive prices, this box wine is a must try. Black Box is the wine maker of many different reds and whites. I personally prefer a nice, crisp Riesling wine to have on hand in bulk. I actually first tried the Black Box brand at a blind wine tasting. There were a variety of options at the tasting and in the end one of the wines I marked the highest in fresh, delicious flavor was Black Box. I was sold. Box wines re-entered my life. For the Black Box Reisling, the aroma of this wine is infused of sweet fruits like peach and green apple mixed in with delicate hints of vanilla and honey. The taste of Black Box Reisling is a mixture of tangerine and sweet apples and finishes with a touch a acidity.

Black Box Riesling

  • Producer: Black Box
  • Source: Select Columbia valley Vineyards
  • Acidity: 7.7g/l
  • Alcohol: 12.3
  • Residual Sugar: 19g/l
  • pH: 3.10

The Fresh Fridge Tip: Would pair well with Thai cuisine, Salmon Pesto, or a hearty chili.

4 Responses to “Wine Review: Black Box Riesling”

  1. naomi says:

    Okay, so I haven’t had box wine in ages and I’m uncurling my snobby nose at your review-I’m liking your ” mixture of tangerine and sweet apples” description.

  2. I used to drink boxed wine in high school, so you are right. I do view them as “cheap and bad” wine. Maybe I should give them another chance though after reading your post.

  3. I’ve seen the black box wines all over but haven’t tried them yet. The riesling sounds good!

  4. Eliana says:

    There are so many great box wines. My favorites are whites. So I will have to look this one up. It sounds great.