Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate & Lemon Youkou Blend

If there is something we definitely do not lack for, it would be tea. As my husband and I took a walk down to a tea store in Brookside that we had been meaning to go to for about 8 months now, we realized (including this recent purchase) that we probably have upwards of 25 different kinds of loose leaf teas at home. Which to be perfectly honest, I think is pretty darn awesome. So, as Fall has been upon us, I have been wondering what to do with all of our wonderful iced teas. One in particular was purchased not long ago from one of the best tea stores, hands down, Teavana. Now, if you are not familiar with Teavana, let me just say that you would be shocked at how much it costs for 2 ounces of tea…and even more shocked when you start dabbling into their blends or premium white teas. So, needless to say, having tea from there is a pretty big treat. So, for iced tea, we could not let this delightful tea go to waste.  This tea is actually a blend of 2 different teas: Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate & Lemon Youkou Herbal Tea. The Raspberry Riot tea is an Argentenian Mate mixed with raspberry and lemon that pack in a tangy fruit taste. Pair that with the Lemon Youkou which is a tart herbal infusion of small pieces of citrus and what you will get is a brisk, refreshing iced tea. I generally don’t like sweetener in tea, but for this one it is a must. With a few scoops of rock sugar, the Raspberry Riot & Lemon Youkou blend is as good as lemonade (better actually). So, if you are looking for a really great treat to fair well Fall with, this raspberry and lemon tea is the perfect choice. Cheers!

Tea: Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate & Lemon Youkou Herbal Tea

Type: Aregentenian Mate & Herbal Tea Blend

Taste: Tangy raspberry and lemon with tangy citrus

Amount: 1.5 tsp for every 6-8 oz. water (3 tsp for iced tea)

Steep Time: 5-6 minutes

Directions: Boil water until approx. 208 degrees Farenheit. In a tea infuser or tea pot with an infuser, add the desired amount of loose tea (see amounts above) and 2-3 teaspoons of rock sugar per 8 ounces for sweetened flavor. Pour boiling water over the tea and steep for 5-6 minutes. For iced tea transfer tea into another container and refrigerate until chilled or add ice cubes. Remember that the ice will diffuse the flavor so keep that in mind as you are handling portions. The taste should be sweet and sour like lemonade.

4 Responses to “Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate & Lemon Youkou Blend”

  1. deviantmonk says:

    I love this stuff :-)

  2. You find such lovely looking teas! Makes me want a cup…

  3. Joanne says:

    I’m a tea hoarder of sorts as well. You just never know when a specific flavor craving is going to strike! This sounds like a luscious blend. Thanks for reviewing it for us!

  4. Eliana says:

    This sounds fantastic!