1,001 Nights Tea

There are many ways to describe a tea. Aroma, flavor, bite, color, steep-ability.

What makes a  tea truly stand out from others generally comes down to preserved quality and the amount of antioxidants and/or health benefits. But, for me, one of the best ways to qualify tea is the feeling it evokes.

On a cold, snow laden, winter day like today, my mind easily jumped to coziness, tranquility, thank-the-Lord-for-soft-blankets, etc. The gentle drift of snow illuminating our deck window paired with a few lit candles and a freshly brewed cup of tea was what I had in mind.

That is, until reality sunk in. Long commutes, terrifying close calls with the “what is this white stuff?” driving impaired, a nice dose of ice in my socks, the unending chant in my head – “why did I forget gloves today!?”, frozen fingertips, and envy for all of my lucky “I got a snow day!” friends (please share with me how to get your awesomeness).

So, when I soggily walked through my door tonight. I reached for tea. A tea whose namesake – 1,001 Nights – is equivalent to the number of times I would hope to look forward to drinking it (and more, I hope).  A tea who while evoking the adjectives of all kinds comfort also for me embodies the term gratitude. Not necessarily for the tea itself, but for the fact that we received this particular tea as a gift. A gift that has consoled chilled fingers and stressed out nights with perfect balance which makes me more grateful with every cup.

If you enjoy a truly comforting tea, while also having a slightly sweet natural flavor, I would highly recommend 1,001 Nights. A blend of black tea and Green sencha with hints of jasmine, rose, and marigold, this tea blend has the slight bite of sencha which is smoothed over by the flavored black tea.

1,001 Nights Tea

Type: Ceylon Black & Green Sencha Blend

Taste: Flavored black tea with smooth green undertones and a slightly sweetened flavor accentuated by hints of Jasmine, Rose, Marigold, and Sunflowers.

Origin: Indian Ceylon Black Tea and China Sencha Green Tea

Amount: 2 teaspoons

Steep Time: 2 minutes

Directions: Boil water until approx. 175 degrees. In a tea infuser or tea pot with an infuser, add the desired amount of loose tea (see amounts above). Pour boiling water over the tea and steep for 2 minutes. The taste should have subtle hints of jasmine and rose flavors, but should not taste too bitter. For more flavor – add sugar or honey (do not steep longer).

5 Responses to “1,001 Nights Tea”

  1. Michelle says:

    Lovely. There’s something so comforting about cupping a nice hot cup of tea in your hands.

  2. Khalid says:

    Where I can get 1001 Nightie tea I’n dubai
    Thanks and best regards

  3. Karen Golden says:

    Where can I buy these tea leaves in New York City. I used to buy them at McNulty’s but they say they can’t get them anymore. Thank you, Karen

  4. Karen says:

    Thanks. I have a Teavana near me.