ChocoVine: A Mixture of Chocolate & Wine

Delicious rich chocolate and  smooth Cabernet wine. What better combination is there? Hands down, I would pair them almost any time. That is…unless they are literally mixed together. Like in this wine.

I usually like to recommend all of my favorite wines, but like someone who is spectator to a car accident or a burning building, I couldn’t help but gaze transfixed at this wine & wonder what would happen. The shiny packaging had me.

We were shopping for groceries and we decided that dinner called for some wine. We looked high and low and saw some great wines to purchase. But, then my eyes landed on this – ChocoVine. A decadent mixture of Holland’s finest dark chocolate and Cabernet. And thought, “Ok, this is probably terrible….Buuuut…what if it is great? I love chocolate. I love wine. This could be absolutely amazing!!

Or not. Honestly, I would have to say I have had chocolate martinis that tasted better. And I am not a big martini fan. The first sip is like having a chilled hot chocolate with a zippy aftertaste of pure alcohol. Not wine, not even a smooth liquor taste, just that rubbing alcohol taste that makes it feel like a punishment for drinking the chocolate-y goodness.

So, I would not recommend this wine. But, I totally understand if you are overtaken by it’s shiny packaging and daring yet compelling combination.


  • Varietal: Cabernet Merlot
  • Type: Dessert/Fortified
  • Color: Red
  • Origin: Holland

2 Responses to “ChocoVine: A Mixture of Chocolate & Wine”

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m jealous that you can buy wine while shopping for groceries! We can’t do that in PA. Too bad the wine wasn’t good – I was getting happy just thinking about it.

  2. Nelly says:

    I saw that same wine one time in a tiny, skeezy little basement grocery store in Cleveland, Ohio. That alone warned me off of it, but the novelty almost convinced me to get it. Thanks for backing up my instincts :)