Thinking Fresh

You’d think with a name like The Fresh Fridge, I would always be “thinking fresh” when it came to cooking up something for my family and friends. But, sometimes I admit that I even need a boost to think of what, how, and where I can get fresh with my meals. So, sometimes I need a little change in my thinking and since I love to make lists, I decided to share with all of you some of my favorite “back to basics” for finding fresh food and ingredients at home and when far away.

1. Garden Fresh
I think the easiest place to start when thinking of fresh ingredients is simply looking in your own backyard. Some of you may have the works when it comes to gardening, but since our recent move we had just enough time to plant herbs before it started getting too hot. I love herb gardens. The smell alone in my backyard is enough to get me out there with my herbs in the mood for some fresh food. So, when I start thinking of getting my dinner ready, I always do a quick check of my recipe and see what kind of fresh herbs I can use in my dish. And, oh my, do they make such a wonderful difference in even the simplest meals!

2. Market Fresh

The second place I go for fresh is my local farmer’s market. Kansas City has some wonderful outdoor markets that are open both weekdays and weekends. I love going down to the KC River Market when I have a chance to buy local and fresh produce. We even have fun with it and make it a morning outing, getting a cup of coffee (or tea, my husband never drinks coffee!) and bring our camera along to take some photography while we are there with all the bright and beautiful colors of our favorite fruits & veggies.

3. Local Fresh

Third, when it is just too hot to turn on the oven and we are sick of salads, we check out our favorite local fresh ingredient restaurants. I really appreciate places that are all about using high-quality, fresh produce. And I think it is totally worth it to go out and treat yourself every once and a while to the great chefs and culinary experts of the world. In KC, we love local places like Julian and even places that are quick like Jason’s deli for a good quality, fresh meal.

4. Visit Fresh

Finally, my absolute favorite way to find fresh is visiting a new place! Sometimes I think when we go on vacation it is tough to find great fresh food and enjoy the high-quality local cuisine. After doing some research, I like to make a list of recommended places that are known for their fresh ingredients and great food. Such as a place like a bar in Hoxton , a great place to eat in London where they use fresh ingredients to bring to life great quality British food.  Finding cool, new places on your vacation adventure is such a great way to experience local freshness and favorites. So don’t forget to add some new fresh places to your vacation list this summer!

So, starting at home all the way to traveling the world – how do you like to get fresh? Share your favorite basic FRESH tips!

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2 Responses to “Thinking Fresh”

  1. Urban Wife says:

    Those are some great tips! I like supporting local farmers by being part of a CSA or buying at the farmers market.

  2. Lucy McNamara says:

    Love love this post! It is amazing what supporting our local farmers can do!