Top 5 Fast Foods You Should Make at Home

We have all done it. Taken the short, convenient trip to a fast food joint to indulge in the 5-minute marathon of food preparation to yummyness-in-my-sated-stomach satisfaction.

Whether it is for convenience, craving, or cost somehow we end up on the other side of a speaker, shouting our orders for some tasty treats. But, what if there was a way to recreate our most craved, fast food meals with homemade goodness? Luckily, there are cooks out there who have done just that, rolled up their sleeves and did the research to develop recipes for our favorite fast foods. And who can say “no” to fresh ingredients, a homemade touch and saving some dough & time?

1. McDonald’s French Fries

I have a confession to make.

I love the Fast Food McDonald’s Monopoly game. I *may* have gone through the drive thru every work day for the last 2 weeks, hoping to win big…money, spas, cars, Wal-Mart gift cards. The only problem is…I do not (absolutely refuse) to eat their food. Luckily, I am a sucker for Diet Cokes.

So, what are my awesome “1 in 4 wins” prizes you ask? To my initial excitement and all-to-destined bitter disappointment – 5 french fries, 2 breakfast sandwiches, and a snack wrap. Do they allow trades?

Check out the Recipe:
Homemade Skinny Fries Recipe

2. Arby’s Apple Turnovers

I have always been an addict a big sucker for pastries in any shape or form. So, I have never been able to resist a fast, convenient pastry such as the Arby’s Apple Turnovers. For this recipe, the fresh apples and pastry dough are enough for me to think again when making a choice between Arby’s and home. But, when all factors are considered, this recipe is so super quick and effortless that by the time you pack up and drive to purchase one, you could have been taking these fresh out of the oven.

Check out the Recipe:
Homemade Apple Turnover Recipe

3. Stuffed Crust Pizza

I still remember when the commercials came out for the first edition of stuffed crust pizzas. OMG…extra pizza goodness all the way to the last bite? Or the chance to eat your pizza backwards? Throw out conventional pizza, this awesome creation has come to stay. And of course, you can make it at home. And…it really is not as hard as it may sound.

Check out the Recipe:

Homemade Stuffed Crust Pizza

For homemade crust:

Homemade Pizza Crust Recipes

4. Chipotle Burritos

I have always wanted my own recipe for Chipotle burritos. Luckily, there is a big enough Chipotle Restaurant fan out there that has figured out a a way to duplicate all of the special ingredients that make Chipotle so customize-ably fabulous. From the lime infused rice to the triple hot sauce choices, you can make your very own homemade Chipotle-style burrito. Yum!

Check out the Recipe:

Homemade Chipotle Burritos

5. Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Chic-fil-A or Wendy’s comes to mind whenever I think about Spicy Chicken Sandwiches. When the campaign for getting your appointment set to go and try one at Chic-fil-A, I couldn’t resist. Even though I usually am adamant about eating only non-fried food, this was my one exception. But, if you are like me and want a grilled chicken equivalent of goodness, try out this yummy Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

Source: Lifehacker – Top 10 Fast Foods You Can Make at Home

These are my choices for homemade versus fast food, but I know it is nowhere near exhaustive. What are your favorite fast foods or alternative recipes?

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  1. joanne says:

    Love this post. I think too many people believe that you can’t get food that tastes as “good” as fast food at home…lies I tell you.

  2. Tameika says:

    Can you recommend any websites on this topic for further reading?