Happy Holidays!

Finally, it is the week of Christmas! For those of you lucky enough to already be on holiday break it is a time of having fun, relaxing, seeing family & friends, and getting into the holiday spirit. I have really enjoyed the season so far this year and have been so excited to learn so many new recipes for cookies & treats! We did not send out a recap of our year in our Christmas cards this time around, but I did want to share a little of what we have been up to in the last few weeks with everyone.

In our household, we decided to (hopefully start) a tradition of reminding ourselves what the holiday season is about. So, for the last 4 weeks we have been celebrating Advent (check out Advent Conspiracy video Jason made last year here)in preparation for Christmas day by doing different activities each week.

Below is a recap of each week’s events:

Week 1 – Hope:

The first week (after driving home from our Thanksgiving fun), we celebrated Hope by making an Advent Prayer Box. Since Jason and I both like doing arts & crafts. We decided to decorate an empty Kleenex box with magazine cut-outs that reminded us of the meaning of Advent and Christmas. Then we took a small notebook of paper and wrote down prayers and stuck them inside the box.

Week 2 – Love:

The second week, after an exciting day of baking up a storm, we celebrated Love by giving out baskets of treats to a few family & friends who had supported us throughout the last year. And Jason also created some way cool paper cut-outs that you can cut out and color make a Nativity scene.

Week 3 – Joy:

The third week, we celebrated Joy while my brother got to visit home from Florida. We all went downtown to walk around Crown Center and look at the decorations & lights. We also had the opportunity to eat at a delicious restaurant called Lidia’s where Jason and I tried a dish with duck & gnocchi that was delicious!

Week 4 – Peace:

This last week, we celebrated Peace by giving much needed assistance to children living in poverty. This year, we decided to donate to Compassion International because of the amazing continued work history they have had impacting communities in the greatest need. CI is also an awesome organization because they make sure to give above 80% of their finances towards the actual programs and needs of the people they reach out to. Ways Compassion International has been connecting with children is through the Sponsor A Child campaign and by creating opportunities for children to learn life skills that will enable them to generate a viable income when the grow up.

One way we were excited to help contribute to was to a program teaching young teens essential baking skills. Of course, this blogger thinks that skills for baking is super essential, so of course we had to help out! These skills will enable these young ladies to bake goods that they can sell and help produce income for their families when they are older. So cool!

There are also several other ways to donate, like buying a family chickens, goats, or cows; providing water filters for clean water; helping to build kitchens; and even to help pay for much needed surgeries for those in need. (And much, much more!)

I highly recommend this organization to anyone who has felt a calling to give to those in need this season. And, even more cool, if you want something to continue with and be a part of a child’s life, the Sponsor a Child program is an awesome blessing to these kids (and to their sponsors!).

However you have celebrated the season thus far, I hope everyone has had a holiday filled with Hope, Joy, Love & Peace. :)

From our household to yours, we hope you have a wonderful & blessed Holiday this year!

Warmest Regards,

Megan & Jason

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