Rosemary Ice Cubes

Recently, I came across an super healthy and tasty way to spruce up my drinks…Rosemary Flavored Ice Cubes! These ice cubes are super refreshing and a tasty alternative to a freshly squeezed lemon (which I find can be too acidic at times). The taste is almost minty with a slight lemon taste. I personally find it energizing to drink and since it is so easy, I highly recommend it. :)

Here are some fun facts about Rosemary:

  1. Rosemary comes from the Latin word Ros Marinus meaning “Dew of the Sea”.
  2. If you are a gardener, rosemary is very easy to grow AND it is pest-resistant.
  3. Rosemary is high in calcium, iron, and vitamin B6.
  4. It has long been believed that Rosemary improves your memory.
  5. Some studies suggest that carsonic acid found in Rosemary lowers the risk of strokes, Lou Gherig’s, and Alzheimers.
  6. Rosemary is believed to refuse to grow in evil people’s gardens. (Yikes!)

Thanks to Wikipedia for the fun Rosemary facts. :)

Rosemary Ice Cubes

How to: Chop Rosemary and place in ice cube tray. Add water. Freeze. Use ice cubes in water or iced tea.

7 Responses to “Rosemary Ice Cubes”

  1. Joanne says:

    Whoa what an awesome idea! I bet ice cubes would be great with mint or basil in them as well!

  2. These are super cool!Great idea!!:)

  3. Andrea says:

    Uhoh, so I really should worry that all the rosemary plants I’ve tried to grow in my garden have died!

  4. Michelle says:

    What a clever idea. You’ve got me thinking I should put my mint into some ice cubes too.

  5. Chiara says:

    Despite the fact that rosemary is easy to grow, I’ve successfully killed my plant =(
    Too bad because these ice cubes look so cool!

  6. girlichef says:

    I LOOOOVE this idea! Heading out to my garden now!!! :)